Tech Setup for Teaching Online Piano and Music Lessons, What You Need To Know

With the new challenges in private teaching, we are all faced with due to COVID-19 I created this video to help teachers navigate the online teaching world. This video focuses on OBS Project, an open-source software available on all platforms. OBS Project has a history of being used by video gamers so they can broadcast multiple screens and cameras to their audience. This works wonderfully for music teachers. Hugh Sung gives some excellent information on his blog post that helped me come up with some of the hardware that I use. Mario Ajero gave a wonderful presentation at a Music Teachers National Association conference on using Classroom Maestro and Screenflow. He has a video here.

Since I made this video, I have added a Scarlet Audio interface to my setup. I also have been using a Shure wireless microphone system similar to this one, and a Shure mic for my piano similar to this one. I hope this post has been helpful to you. I will make additional posts in the future on how I am teaching other subjects online. Feel free to reach out with questions.

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