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This is an online course that is asynchronous meaning there are no face to face class meetings, though there are office hours. In this course I will go over 7 projects in videos that focus on simple notation, notating scores with lyrics, lead sheets, choral score, hymn setting, educational worksheet, guitar tablature and full score for a large ensemble. We will also go over dynamics, articulations, page layout, part extraction. The student will submit assignments for feedback. There are also watch and respond video quizzes. Upon purchase, course registration and login info will be emailed. Please note that PDF’s will be provided, however, Finale must be purchased by participants separately from or another software dealer.

Upon successful completion of this course the student will learn the basics of Finale music notation software.
Course Learning Objectives include:

1. Creating an appropriate musical score layout, following standard musical conventions, using at least two different methods of data entry.
2. Entering and editing lyrics, enter chord symbols, utilize various alternative notation styles (rhythmic notation, slash notation).
3. Extract correctly transposed individual parts and create a musically practical and aesthetically pleasing page layout for both score and parts.


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